Photographs by Andy Strappazzon



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Radio Astronomy : Scan of Local FM

Radio Astronomy : Meteor Detection

Tente Astro

Temperature Sensor
The Sensor placed on the CMOS Final Canon 350D With Sensor plug 12V Digital Display Canon 350D & Temperature Sensor
Temperature Evolution a first test The Temperature Evolution Report  Dark Temperature Caracterisation 
Using DeepSkyStaker

The Cool Box

Cool Box 1 Cool Box 2

Peltier - Watercooled - Canon 350d - Cold Finger

Presentation of April 2008(11Mb) Sketch 1 Sketch 2

The Peltier - Watercooled - Canon 350d - External CMOS project

Sketch 1 Sketch 2 Sketch 3

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Astro Setup Optimizer

Flat Box


 The Webcam
Home Made Modification Home Made Modification Home Made Modification

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