Messier Catalog: The Hunt is on...

Photographs by Andy Strappazzon



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Messier Catalog:

M1: Crab Nebulae M2
M11: Wild Duck Cluster M13: Hercules Great Cluster M15
M16: Eagle Nebulae M20: Trifid Nebulae
M27: Dumbbell Nebula  
M31: Andromeda Galaxy M32: Le Gentil    
M42: Great Orion Nebulae M43: De Marian's Nebulae   M45: Pleiades
M51: Whirlpool Galaxy M52: The Unconditional Love Star  
  M65: Leo Triplet
M66: Leo Triplet  
M82: Cigar Galaxy  
M106   M110: Andromeda's Satellite Galaxy

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