17 P Holmes

Photographs by Andy Strappazzon



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Comet Holmes (official designation: 17P/Holmes) is a periodic comet in our solar system, discovered by the British amateur astronomer Edwin Holmes on November 6, 1892. Although normally a very faint object, Holmes became notable during its 2007 return when it temporarily brightened by a factor of about half a million, in what was the largest known outburst by a comet, and became visible to the naked eye. It also briefly became the largest object in the solar system, as its coma (the thin dissipating dust ball around the comet) expanded to a diameter greater than that of the Sun (although its mass remained minuscule).(Wikipedia)


Date Taken:
17 November 2008

Belgium  - Auvelais


Skywatcher HEq5 Pro
Skywatcher Mak150
Images aquired with: 
Canon 400D
Celestron Focal Reducer f6.3

Exposure Specs:
Lights: 29x30 sec @ 1600ISO
Darks: 20x30 sec
Flats: 20
Offsets: 20

Total Exposure: 15 min

Processed with:
Adobe Photoshop CS 2


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